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Bank Fraud Detection

With a dataset of ~600,000 rows and a class imbalance of 99% to 1% in the data, I evaluate different classification algorithms and empirically decide on the best solution among the candidate solutions which predicts fraud transactions with an accuracy of ~75% without oversampling the data and ~99% with oversampling the data.
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Revenue Maximisation using Genetic Algorithms

An implementation of a Genetic Algorithm that I designed to maximises the revenue for a supermarket by deciding the prices of 20 different articles, each ranging anything between £0.01 to £10. There are two solution approaches attempted one of which is exploitative (almost elitist) and the other one is quite exploratory. Both the solution approaches use different crossover, mutation and selection approaches. 
May the fittest solution survive.

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ISL to text converter.

a program which converts Indian sign language to text n real time using openCV and CNN. three filters were applied to the RoI (region of interest), a greyscale filter, a gaussian blur filter and a threshold filter to get the black and white image which was recognised by the neural network running over 5 epochs. the dataset we created had around 22,000 images in the training set and 11,000 images in the test set.

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comparison of the predicted values and true values

Calculating startup profit

this was a part of the student internship I did in 2018, we were given a dataset containing the amount spent by different departments of 50 start-ups and were asked to predict the profits made by the startups. this is the result of using regression on a dataset split by 14%.

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Punit Singh
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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