robotics projects.

some of my robotics projects in chronological order

may 2018

basic home automation interface


B.H.A.I (bhai means brother in Hindi) is a virtual agent I created which connects to an android smartphone over bluetooth and receives voice commands to perform tasks like controlling electronic and electrical devices around the house. All the commands are hard-coded, there is no AI being used in B.H.A.I. The commands are converted to text in the android app and the string is sent to the HC-05 bluetooth module. the Arduino then reads the commands from the serial interface and executes the required function.

Full instructions available on instructables
github link

gesture controlled vehicle


A wireless gesture controlled robot with an Arduino Lilypad as the master and an Arduino UNO R3 as the slave. The wireless communication was set up using a TX433 - RX433 Radio Frequency transmitter and receiver pair. The gestures were read by a 3-axis accelerometer present on the handheld remote.

see on github

april 2018

october 2017

servo controlled LFR


Servo motor controlled Line Following Robot. This was a trial project in which instead of using driving motors to change the direction of movement, the direction control was done using a servo motor and a third wheel placed in the centre. The robot used only one driving motor to drive both the wheels and one servo for direction control. Using a servo gave us control over the angle by which to change the direction therefore, a higher precision.

Power supply: Two 9v batteries.

pick and place robot.


A remote controlled pick-and-place robot running on Arduino MEGA equipped with a custom 3D printed arm for picking up objects. The arm operates using 4 servo motors -- 2 for shoulder, one for elbow and one for the claw -- and is controlled by three single-axis joysticks (one for each joint). 

Power supply: AC to 12v DC 30A motor and actuator power supply.

march 2017

november 2016

line following robot.


A line following robot running on Arduino UNO R3 using a 5 IR sensor array to detect the line and an L293D motor driver.

Power supply: One 9v battery.

see on github

Punit Singh
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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